The 5 Best Countries for Medical Tourism

March 8, 2019

With the continuing rise of healthcare costs in the US, it is no surprise to learn that many Americans are searching further afield to find an affordable but high-quality healthcare provider.  In fact, over 11 million people left the US in the year 2016 to seek out the best medical tourism destinations.  Recent reports have also shown that this figure will continue to grow every year.  From dental work to cosmetic surgery, here are five of the best countries to travel to for medical procedures.

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Next to China and the US, Brazil sits near the top of the list of ‘most visited’ for cosmetic surgery.  It remains popular with US citizens as they can receive up to 30% off their healthcare costs if they receive treatment in Brazil.  The two most popular cities to travel to are Sao Paulo and Florianopolis as they are renowned for their cutting-edge technology and innovation.


For anyone willing to travel that bit further, India offers extremely high-quality healthcare but for up to 90% less than the average cost.  What makes India a popular destination for medical tourism is not just the luxury and quality of the healthcare, but the fact that tourists can enjoy the beautiful landscape and scenery while they are in recovery.  What’s more is that most Indian hospitals are accredited by the NABH, which is an organization dedicated to helping hospitals adhere to stringent standards.  Additionally, India is known for the fact that waiting times are close to zero and surgeries are scheduled soon after diagnosis.


Thailand is popular with holidaymakers, but did you know that it is also a hot spot for cosmetic surgery? Whether you intend on undergoing liposuction or a facelift Bangkok Thailand has you covered.  Bangkok is home to some of the most skilled surgeons who use advanced techniques which means that recovery times after a cosmetic procedure are drastically reduced.  Not to mention the fact that Bangkok is the perfect place to explore and relax in while you recover.  Tourists traveling to Thailand for medical purposes can enjoy a saving of up to 75% on healthcare costs.


In the year 2017, it was reported that over 700,000 travelers visited Turkey to undergo medical treatment.  Due to the short waiting times and quality healthcare facilities, Turkey is fast becoming a popular medical tourism destination.  Here you can find the cost of treatments to be up to 90% less than other countries in Europe and the US.  Turkish Airlines even offer discounted flights for those traveling to the country for medical purposes.


Last on the list, we have Singapore.  Singapore’s health system ranked 6th on the World Health Organization’s list of top-ranking countries.  The fact that the life expectancy in Singapore is nearly three years longer than that of the US speaks volumes of the high-quality healthcare that residents and tourists alike can receive here.  State of the art facilities and well-trained specialists can be found at most of the hospitals in the country.

There are many more countries expected to join the list of top medical tourism destinations, including Costa Rica and even South Korea.  As more patients are willing to travel the globe in search of affordable but quality treatments, the medical tourism industry is expected to become more competitive than ever.